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Writing What You Love

Updated: Apr 30

Discerning Passionate Writing Pursuits
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What topics do you love writing about?

Maybe you're a journalist, who is writing to pay the bills, but really loves to write romance novels in your spare time. Or maybe you're pumping out beach reads for a paycheck but long to get back to the non-fiction book on ancient Greece that leads you down rabbit holes of wonder. Or, if you're blessed, you might be writing exactly what you love and reaping all the benefits! In this blog post we will explore what it's like to write what you love, and why writing what you don't love, isn't all that bad either.

Writers beginning their author journey don't always know what they love to write about. Thriller author Sierra Kay says this is normal, and she hasn't always written what's smitten her.

"I've explored other genres. Writers need the exploration to find out what they do like."

Writing what you love comes in many forms; it's not just genre based, it can be very specific. For instance, Kay says her characters and their dynamics are what drive her to the keyboard. Women's fiction and the relationship between female friends are a few of her favorites.

In addition, she says that with every book she writes, she loves exploring the spectrum of good and evil. For instance, a good character can swing hard when put in a precarious situation.

"Look at Antoine from Sweet Whispers of the Devil. He's a good guy, but when his family is threatened he turns into someone else, and is ready to go to war," Kay said.

How do you know if you are writing what you love?

One of the best indicators if you are writing what you love is if the world falls away while you are in the midst of the process.

Kay said a writing exercise, taught by one of her former instructors, has led to one of her favorite novel passions.

"I lose track of time sitting my character down in a chair and letting him or her talk," she said.

By doing this she learns about what motivates the character, whether it be the hero or a killer. She let's the character drive the story.

"If a book has never woken you up, you might not be writing what you love," Kay said. "When you love a book you're working on, you mind is constantly working on it. Keep a notebook handy."

She also said, that the phenomenon of having random epiphany moments about your book are a good indication that you are on the right track.

Is not writing what you love a waste of time?

Kay says no way! Writing is writing. "I don't consider it negative to note be writing what you love. You are exploring and you are still writing and working that muscle."

So, do you HAVE to be writing what you love? Not at all! It may be financially lucrative to write other works, but you can keep your side projects and let them be your labors of love.

your Sierra Kay Takeaways:

Are you looking to discern what you love to write?

  1. TOPICS - What topics have you diving down the rabbit hole? Trust me, it can be many!

  2. LOSING TIME - What was the last writing session that made you lose track of time? Explore the chapter or paragraph or book. What about it kept you captivated?

  3. WORK IT - Not all writing has to be what you love. You can write what you need to and write what you love. The bottom line is this...


Now go write!

What Sierra Kay Take Away are you ready to implement?

A woman smiling at her laptop screen.

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