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With a bachelor’s degree in Public Relations, a master’s degree in Writing, and certificates in E-Business Strategy and Business Applications of Artificial Intelligence, Kay combines her professional expertise and academic achievements to offer comprehensive support to companies across various industries. Fortune 500 clients seek her out as a business, marketing, and technology consultant, benefiting from her unique blend of skills.


She is a 2024 member of Sisters of Crime, Chicago Writer's Association and the Independent Book Publishers Association.

Kay is ready to share her insights and experiences as a sought-after speaker. Her speaking engagements cover a range of topics that merge her love for writing and her consulting expertise.

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From Procrastination to Purpose:

Finishing Your Debut Novel 

  • Duration: 60 minute, including Q&A session

  • Target Audience: Aspiring writers, beginner-level novelists

  • Objective: To guide and inspire participants in successfully completing their first novel

The Psychology of Book Cover Design

  • Duration: 60 minutes, including Q & A session

  • Target Audience: Authors and Publishers

  • Objective: Explore the relationship between human psychology and visual aesthetics as it pertains to book cover design

Personal Branding.png

Personal Branding In The Digital Era

  • Expanding your social media presence starts with you.  And the “you” that’s presented to the world.

  • Say goodbye to generic profiles and build an authentic brand that represents your voice, values and passion to make an impact and set you up for success. Create an online presence that grabs attention and opens doors to exciting opportunities.

  • Contact Sierra Kay to engage in a transformative journey into the world of personal branding in the digital era.

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