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In mythology, goddesses were the epitome of feminine power. They loved fearlessly, fought with vigor, but still maintained a mystique.  Plus, they could be counted on for a touch of naughtiness every now and again to keep it interesting. 

The Goddess Exposed is a collection of poems that takes the reader through the arc of the life of a modern-day goddess. It tells of love, desire, the fight, the makeup with a little naughty in between.

These poems share the kaleidoscope of emotions born of relationships. Sometimes, the emotion is an anger so deep it stirs a cauldron of hurt from which there is no recovery. Sometimes it’s a love so fragile the breath of an angel will tear it apart.


Occasionally, it is so precious that it feels like being wrapped in a warm cocoon that cushions from the hurt of life.


The emotions are real and exposed.

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