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Book Coaching

Are you ready to unlock your full potential as an author? Look no further than our personalized book coaching services!

Because I've been in your shoes, collaborating with actors and supporting author friends who hit a creative wall, I understand the challenges you face. That's why I've formalized my process into an 8-step framework designed to help you complete a phenomenal book.

Let's embark on this journey together. Are you in need of expert guidance to take your writing to the next level? Are you craving honest and constructive feedback that will refine your writing skills and craft a stronger narrative? Do you feel overwhelmed by the complexities of the publishing industry? Don't worry, I've got your back.

Schedule a 20-minute introductory meeting, and let's chat about your unique writing goals and how our book coaching services can help you achieve them. This is your chance to unlock your true potential and transform your writing journey. Don't let it slip away.

Coaching Biography

Sierra Kay is not only a best-selling and award-winning suspense novelist, but also a highly skilled book coach. With her expertise and passion for writing, she helps aspiring authors bring their stories to life and guides them through the publishing process.

Drawing from her own success in weaving captivating psychological thrillers, Sierra understands the intricacies of storytelling. Her unique approach to coaching combines her creative background with her academic achievements, including a master's degree in Writing and certificates in E-Business Strategy and Business Applications of Artificial Intelligence.

Sierra's extensive knowledge and experience have made her a sought-after consultant by Fortune 500 clients across various industries. She provides comprehensive support in areas such as business, marketing, and technology, leveraging her expertise to help companies succeed.

As a member of prestigious writing organizations such as Sisters of Crime, Chicago Writer's Association, and the Independent Book Publishers Association, Sierra is deeply rooted in the writing community. Her insights and experiences make her the perfect speaker for events and conferences, where she shares her expertise on a wide range of topics. From the psychology behind book cover design to empowering aspiring authors to overcome procrastination, Sierra's presentations are not only informative but also inspiring.

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