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How to Cultivate Writing Inspiration: Tips for Sparking Creativity and Overcoming Writer's Block

Writing is a highly rewarding endeavor, but it can also be quite frustrating at times. Having a lack of inspiration can certainly fall into the latter category. Have you ever read a book that was going so well and then suddenly it became dry and brittle? You almost want to - or did - put it down and not pick it back up. It could be that the author was experiencing a lack of inspiration during that particular part of the book.

If you are a writer, don’t let this happen to you!

Woman waiting for inspiration with pen.

Many times, when you’re writing feels stale and forced, it’s due to a lack of inspiration. The good news is that there’s a quick fix for that! So clear your mind, take a deep breath and let go of the fear and aggravation. Encouragement could be just a song away.

Why do we get uninspired to begin with? Maybe the scene is difficult, perhaps you aren’t writing with peak energy levels, or you’re distracted by something else. Sometimes we get stuck in the rut of doing the same thing over and over again, going to the same places, carrying on with the same day to day routine that nothing can get past the drudgery of daily life.

Perhaps your environment is insipid or your conversations are boring. Could it be that your life has just become lackluster? Or maybe you are overstimulated and too much information is coming at you too often. Today’s world is very noisy! Maybe you are sensory overloaded and you just need to clear the canvas and so you can sharpen the ax.

Maybe you’ve been trudging too long.

Whatever the case may be, here are tips to get you through this time of inspiration vexation.

Cultivate Writing Inspiration with these tips!

  1. Take a shower! Or a bath or a swim. There’s a lot of speculation about how water encourages creativity. I’m not here to explain it, but I can attest that it has helped my writing and many others agree. So take a long shower and let your mind wander. See what floats to the surface.

  1. Go for a drive to beat the drivel! Or be the passenger. Sit back and observe your surroundings. Bring a notebook or voice recorder. Take note of the terrain, is it hilly or flat? Where is the sun? Is it hazy, bright or overcast? How is the ride? Bumpy or smooth? What’s on the radio? Who is driving and what is their posture like?  Watch for businesses, buildings and animals. What is the area you are in like? What are its unique features? Did anything you see spark joy or relate to your book? Jot it down!

  1. Boutiquing and Antiquing. One of my favorite activities! Spend the afternoon weaving in a new town visiting their shops and maybe a new restaurant. Boutiques offer unique goods often not found anywhere else. Antique stores hold smells and objects that may spark a memory or awaken a creative thought about how others lived long ago.  While you’re out, stop by a new coffee shop or restaurant. Record any creative genius that has come to mind during your shopping. Then indulge in the sites and sounds of your new environment. Try a dish you’ve never had. Study the menu. Listen to the sounds and people watch. 

  1. People watching. On that note, people watching for the win! It can be done nearly anywhere. Go to the park, a concert, even the grocery store. Anywhere there are people, inspiration can be found. Pay attention to attitudes, eyes, words and facial expressions. How are people relating to one another?

  1. Listen to music. Music is an incredible inspiration generator. The rhythm can move you, it evokes emotion, and can transport you to another time and place. Music can inspire a whole book! As an exercise, try opening your ears to random music. Pay attention, and allow new tunes to settle in your awareness. Did it inspire a scene in your book? Did it make you feel how your main character could be feeling? Go full throttle with this method. Create a playlist for each chapter! Your readers will love this too!

Which tips are you going to try to liven up your writing? Did any of these tips inspire your own methods for cultivating inspiration? Comment below!

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