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Every Woman Has A Story To Tell

Updated: Apr 30

Celebrating Women's History Month

March marks Women’s History Month in the United States, corresponding with International Women’s Day on March 8. This is a month to remember and reflect on the women who have come before us, who are walking beside us and the next generation who are being raised by us. Whether it's fiction or fact, we recognize that every woman has a story to tell.

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Spotlighting strong female characters: woman with a story

Tenacious, clever, feminine and steadfast. Those are just a few words used to describe the strong female leads that grace the pages of Sierra Kay novels. All of Sierra Kay’s female characters possess the fortitude it takes to overcome adversity. Whether it’s Solange from Queen of the North Shore, dignified and capable who in her grief must rise to the occasion and face unspeakable betrayal or Victoria from Sweet Whispers of the Devil whose grit and wisdom gives her the strength to fight the nightmare that comes to call. Kay’s female leads are tough.

“It might be one of the reasons that I’m drawn to fairy tales,” Kay said. “Anyone can be strong. The evil characters are most likely female. The leads are often female. Cinderella, Snow White, Red Riding Hood....

They’re all females trying to figure out how to survive."

And how exactly does Kay paint such grim pictures for the female leads to escape or overcome?

“Often the dark situations are derived from the books from which the stories are based on. Let’s take In the Midst of Fire for example. It’s based on Hansel and Gretel. In the book you have twins that are captured by a witch. Hansel is trapped. Gretel is free, but she’s tethered to the situation, not just because of the fact that there is a witch, but because Hansel is trapped.”

With such amazing female leads, we had to know if Kay had a favorite.

“Honestly, my favorite lead changes depending on the story I’m writing. I write to make everyone love my lead as much as I do. Give them layers, challenges, place them in the middle of situations that promote their growth as characters,” Kay responded.

"I write to make everyone love my lead as much as I do."

These cultivating experiences reflect the growth we as women go through all the time. The growth is witnessed in fairy tales, in modern fiction and in the real dynamics of everyday life. We often see ourselves in the female characters portrayed in books such as Kay’s, which give us examples upon which to handle our own difficulties, lives and relationships.

Whether it’s fiction for the world to read or a real tale told in confidence, each time a woman tells her story, we can surely witness it as an echo of tribulation and triumph in our own lives.

We acknowledge, appreciate and root for females. Let this month serve as a reminder to uplift and encourage. And above all, lend an attentive ear and listen to… her story.

Follow Sierra Kay down the modern fairy tale rabbit hole by visiting her book library here.

Sierra Kay book backlist.

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